Buy Norwegian license online without driving test within just 3 - 6 days

Buy Norwegian driving license online without a theory test or driving test in less than 6 days. Your driving license will be registered in the Statens vegvesens register and you will be able to access it from the digital driving license app.

We go through every step to ensure that you can buy a Norwegian driver’s license to drive any type of vehicle you choose legally without having to go through the long bureaucratic process of obtaining a driver’s license in Norway.

We can also help you get a driver’s license if your driver’s license has been revoked, seized, or suspended.

Buy Norwegian driving license online, the process

Buying Norwegian driving license from us is a simple process and gives you access to the Statens vegvesens registered driving license with all documents proving that you have gone through all the processes involved in obtaining Norwegian driving license and are eligible for the driving licence. By doing so, you will be able to obtain a driver’s license that has been issued and registered, which you can legally use just as any driver’s license issued in Norway.

The process to buy Norwegian driver’s license starts when you contact us and ends when you receive a physical copy of your driver’s license.

Depending on your unique situation (you are getting a driver’s license for the first time, the driver’s license has been revoked) the process and requirements may be slightly different.

Let’s say you want to buy Norwegian driver’s license for the first time (you haven’t got a Norwegian driver’s license yet). The process is as follows:

  1. Contact Us
  2. After telling us about your situation, we will provide you with a list or requirement, which is usually your information.
  3. Give us the necessary information (a photo of your passport, ID card or residence permit, your signature signed on a white sheet, your photo).

That’s all you need to do, then we will be responsible for ensuring that all the requirements for obtaining a driving license are met and that you are eligible for a driving license in that category.

The next step is this process where we will get all the necessary qualifications such as the proof of basic traffic course, basic training, theory test and driving results.

We put every piece together to ensure that you are eligible for Norwegian driver’s license before we proceed to register your driver’s license in the Statens vegvesens driver’s license register.

All documents and records that we falsify for you in the system are designed to match the total time period from when you start the process of getting a driver’s license.

NOTE: The registration of your driver’s license is not initially completed in the driver’s license register to ensure that you complete the payment, this is because some customers have taken advantage of the fact that you can use the driver’s license app without the physical driver’s license to get away with the payment. It is therefore only after payment has been made that everything will appear in the driver’s license register, as we cannot delete information from the register in the event of non-payment without suspicion arising.

Buy fake Norwegian driver's license

Buy a fake Norwegian driving license within just 2 days. If you need a fake driver’s license to carry out your activities or register on online platforms, we can offer a fake Norwegian driver’s license, which is much cheaper than buying a real driver’s license.

If you buy a fake Norwegian driver’s license, you will not be able to use it with the driver’s license app, as it will not be registered in the driver’s license register. The fake driver’s license is not intended to be used for legitimate purposes that require a driver’s license, as it is not registered, despite the fact that the physical copy of your fake driver’s license is identical in all respects to a real driver’s license, if it is checked in the driver’s license registry, your driver’s license is not available , so if you intend to use your driver’s license to drive, we recommend that you do not take the risk and instead purchase the registered driver’s license, which will take a maximum of 6 days to be delivered to you.

Buy Norwegian driving license classes

You can buy driving licenses of the following classes through us:

Class AM – Moped

Class A1 – small motorcycle

Class A2 – medium-sized motorcycle

Class A – large motorcycle

Class B – Passenger car

Class C1 – small truck

Class C – truck

Class D1 – small bus

Class D – large bus

Class B/E – ordinary car with a large trailer

Class C1/E – small truck with large trailer

Class C/E – truck with large trailer

Class D1/E – small bus with large trailer

Class D/E – large bus with large trailer

class T – Tractor

class S – Snowmobile

buy Norwegian driving license
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