Buy Latvia driving licence without test in just 3 days

We will help you get a new Latvia driving licence of any category, all done legally, without the need to pass a driving test or meet other requirements.

We offer a completely legal drivers license to anyone who wants to get a driving license in Latvia quickly and easily without having to meet all the requirements.

Our service is different from others, we do not aim to produce or register your driving licence ourselves, we simply make the process of obtaining a Latvian driving license easier and also eliminate the need to meet all the usual requirements using the loopholes in the process of acquiring driving Licences in Latvia.

How to buy Latvia driving licence from us

When you contact us to buy a Latvian driving license, all you will need to provide us is:

  1. A picture of your ID card, passport or residence permit (let us know if you don’t have either so we can give you a list of the information we take from your ID card).
  2. Your signature is signed on a white sheet of paper.
  3. Your picture.

Once you’ve given us your information, we’ll take the following steps to make sure you’re eligible for a driving licence:

  1. process your information.
  2. with the help of the associated doctor, we will receive a medical certificate for you, which will be electronically transferred to the CSDD database.
  3. We will also create driving school records in our driving school and partner driving schools to prove that you have taken a driving course.
  4. Once this is all done, all the requirements for your Latvian driving license will be compiled and sent to our anonymous cooperation partners working at CSDD, who will be responsible for keeping records to prove that you have successfully passed your driving tests.
  5. Your driver’s license will be issued to us within 3 days, after which we will send you a picture for approval. once approved, you will need to make a payment so that we can send you your driver’s license immediately.

Since Your Latvia driving licence is issued by CSDD, your driving licence is the same as any driving licence obtained after successfully passing driving tests.

You can verify the validity of your driving license in the CSDD e-service 

Buy Latvia category B licence

The Category B Latvia driving licence is the most used drivers license in Latvia and also in other European countries. Buying a B driver’s license from us is a simple process and you will receive your driver’s license in just 3 to 5 days.

You do not need to pass a driving test or meet any other requirements, all we need from you is your personal information to process your request.

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