Buy German driving license, legally drive with your German license

Buy a driving license in Germany easily and without any tests. Don’t let driving tests, MPU, driving bans or license revocations stop you from driving in Germany.

Through our driving license facilitation service, your driving data is recorded in the Central Driving License Register (ZFER). This means that you can check your driving license registration by visiting

After registering your driving license on the ZFER dydtem, your driving license will be produced at the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin, where all German driving licenses are also produced. With all the steps we take to ensure that your driver’s license is original and can be used legally, you can be confident that you will never encounter any problems while using your driver’s license.

Buy your German driver’s license without the bureaucracy that is usually associated with obtaining a driver’s license through the usual route.

Buy registered driving license in Germany without test​

Thanks to our reliable driving license facilitation service, over 250 Germans can drive a vehicle every year. We offer everyone a completely legal path to obtaining their driver’s license while eliminating most, not all, bureaucratic requirements.

We are aimed at anyone who has problems obtaining a driving license through the usual procedure or does not meet all the requirements for obtaining a driving license in Germany. This includes:

  1. People who fail the driving test but can drive.
  2. People banned from driving.
  3. People with a revoked driving license
  4. People asked to take a mandatory MPU.

For each driver’s license issue, there is a slightly different process for purchasing your German driver’s license through our services.

Let’s assume that you have never obtained a driver’s license. In this case, to buy your driver’s license we must go through the following process:

  1. The first step to buying a driving license is to contact us.
  2. After you make contact, we will send you a list of the requirements we need to get the process started.
  3. Once you have provided us with the required information, we will process your data. Our driving school partners will provide you with an eye test, a first aid certificate and a training certificate.
  4. Once all of your documents are compiled to prove that you are qualified to obtain a driver’s license, your driver’s license application will be submitted to various driver licensing authorities through our anonymous agents, who will falsify results to show that you have passed the driver’s license exams.
  5. From here, your driving license application goes through the usual process as with other driving licenses: First, your driving data is registered in the Central Driving License Register (ZFER), which is operated and managed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and printed by the Bundesdruckerei This is where all driving license cards in Germany are printed printed.
  6. Delivery of your license depends on how you have made payments: If you have initially made full payment for your license, your license will be delivered directly to you. However, if you have not made full payment, your driver’s license will be delivered to us. We will then send you a photo of your driver’s license, which will be delivered to you after payment is completed.

Since all German driver’s license you buy through our service is registered, you can check your driver’s license details here.

Why people buy a German driving license

A driving license is one of the most important documents you should have, it makes your mobility easy and safe and can also be a source of income for professional drivers. Obtaining a German driving license through the usual route can be expensive and time-consuming and you may end up risking failing your driving test or even having your license revoked.

If you are having difficulty getting a German driver’s license, you need a reputable and trustworthy driver’s license facilitation service like ours that can get you a driver’s license in Germany within just 3 to 6 days through all the necessary process.

Below are some reasons why most of our customers contact us to find a solution to their driving license needs:

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Our buy driver's licence facilitation services

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buy legal driving licence without exam

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Add another driving licence category or class to your driver's licence

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Buy driving licence points

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Buy driving licence after suspension or revocation of your driver's license

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buy foreign driving licence from other countries

German driving license for sale and driving license fraud

There are many services that claim to be able to get people a German driving license by copying legitimate driver’s license facilitation services like ours.

You can check their websites to see if they can give you information on how they are able to register your driver’s license. If they give vague answers, it’s probably a scam.

On our website you will find information about how we obtain an authentic driver’s license for our customers and how you can check the validity of your driver’s license.

In the section above you will learn how we issue a legal German driving license to our customers and how you can check the validity of your driver’s license.

Buy a category B German driving license

The B driving license is the most commonly used driving license in Germany and also in other European countries. Purchasing your B driving license with us is a simple process and you will receive your driving license in just 3 to 5 days.

You don’t have to take a driving test or meet any other requirements, we just need your personal data to be able to process your request.

Buy a driving license without an exam experience

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