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buy Dutch driving license and enjoy the freedom of driving without worrying about driving license check.

We will help you obtain a new Dutch driving license in any category, all legally without having to successfully pass a driving test or meet other requirements.

We offer a fully legal driving license for anyone who wants to get a driving license quickly and easily without having to meet all the requirements.

Our service is unlike any other, we do not aim to produce or register your driving license ourselves, we simply make the process of obtaining your driving license easy and also eliminate the need for you to meet all the requirements that are normally required .

Buy driving license Netherlands.

buy Dutch driving license online what it means (rijbewijs)

If you can already drive or if you are one of the more than 700,000 people who fail to obtain their driving license each year in the Netherlands, you can use our driver’s license facilitation service to buy a Dutch driving license in any category, eliminating the need to successfully complete  the CBR car theory and car practice.

We offer a completely legal process to obtain your Dutch driving license without having to go through the usual process or meet any requirements. Your driving license is issued and registered by the RDW (National Road Transport Agency), just like any other Dutch driving license.

To buy a Dutch driving license from us, we need the following information from you:

  1. A photo of your identity card or passport (if you do not have an identity card or passport, please let us know and we will send you the necessary details of your identity card so that you can provide it manually).
  2. A photo of your signature, signed on a white sheet of paper.
  3. A photo of yourself.

After you have provided us with your details, we, with the help of our operators who work for the CBR, will prepare documents that demonstrate that you have successfully completed the car theory and car practice.

As soon as information about you has been created in the CBR system, we will receive both the Declaration of Driving Competence and the Declaration of Fitness. We will collect your driving license from the municipality.

After we have obtained your driver’s license, we will send you a photo of your driver’s license, which you will verify. You then complete the payment so that your driver’s license is sent to you.

After you have successfully purchased your dutch driving license from us, you can use it just like any other driver’s license, as it is the same in every respect, has the same safety features and is produced in the same facilities as any other Dutch driver’s license.

buy Dutch driving license b

The category B driving license is the most used driving license in the Netherlands, Belgium and also in other European countries. Buying your driving license B from us is easy and you will receive your driving license within just 3 to 6 days.

You do not have to take a driving test or meet other requirements. All we need from you is your personal information to process your request.

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